ACROSS offers free counselling to individuals, children, and families.

Counselling provides an opportunity for conversations that support people through change.

Social Work

ACROSS social workers work with any whanau with children/tamariki under the age of 18 in the home setting.


All the people and agencies who could help your family are brought together. We start by identifying what is going well for you and where you would like support. Together you discuss your family’s needs and agree on what everyone is going to do.
Information shall be available to clients about how to make a complaint; complaints will usually be in writing and acknowledged in the same way as soon as possible after they have been received.

A complaints register shall be held recording the date the complaint was made, complainants’ name, date acknowledged, date resolved and the date the complainant is advised of the outcome.

The Chairperson will be notified of complaints received. Complaints which are likely to give rise to an insurance claim will be notified to ACROSS’ insurer.

An employee about whom a complaint is made will be given the opportunity to provide their account of the matters giving rise to the complaint. When a complaint is made in relation to the Director, that complaint should be addressed to the Chairperson of the Board.
If the complaint is unable to be resolved, an independent mediator may be asked to review the complaint and hear the views of the parties. The complainant is able to have a support person with them and will be advised of the outcome in writing within two weeks of the meeting.
If the complaint is not resolved at this point the Board may review the complaint and make a final decision and recommend any direct action to take and advise the complainant within two weeks of its meeting.

ACROSS is working with Families and Communities to offer care and support services