Do I need to be referred by someone?

Anyone can access our services, you don’t have to be referred although some people are referred by other agencies, health services, or schools.

What sort of support can I expect?

Depending on the sort of support you need ACROSS can provide advice on parenting, relationship problems, personal issues and in some situations help with providing for the care of children.

How much does it cost?

We are a community service and there is no cost – some people who see a counsellor choose to pay a donation towards counselling.

What staff could I expect to see at ACROSS?

Depending on the sort of help you needed you may see one of our social workers or counsellors.

Will the things I tell a social worker or counsellor be kept confidential?

All information you tell us is kept confidential, there may be special exceptions to this which staff will explain to you when they meet you.

What happens to the information I give staff at ACROSS?

We ask people when they see a social worker to sign a consent authorising us to get information from other services you have had dealings with if we think it would be helpful for us to have. We can not get this information without your consent.

What happens if I don’t like something ACROSS does or if I have a complaint?

ACROSS has a procedure for dealing with complaints and you can ask staff to see this. Usually we will ask people to try and sort out any problems with the staff involved and if that is not possible, with their supervisor.

Can I make comments or give feedback about ACROSS?

ACROSS has a questionnaire that people can complete giving their feedback about the service they received.