Request to Amend Information

The purpose of this policy is to have a set procedure when a client or former client
requests to amend the information held by ACROSS.


  1. Establish the identity of the person requesting the information. See the Release of Information Request Form for details.
  2. If the person requesting the information is over 16 years of age and the request relates to their information, they can request it be amended.
  3. If the request is for a person under 16 years old by a parent or legal guardian, the birth certificate or a court order is required to establish their authority/relationship to the child. Once the relationship is confirmed, the form can be filled out and appropriate identification sighted (please see form).
  4. The consent of the person under the age of 16 years old may be required.
  5. If ACROSS agrees with the changes, the file shall be amended, and a note added to the file regarding why it was amended.
  6. If ACROSS does not agree with the amendment, a separate statement can be added to the file outlining the request by the client (as per Part 4 of the Privacy  Act 2020).

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