Request for Information Policy

The purpose of this policy is to have a set of procedures when a client or former client request access to their information or that of their child/ward held by ACROSS Te Kotahitanga O Te Wairua whether it is to view said information or to amend held information.


  1. If the request is from an agency, ask for the request to be emailed through to you to ensure it is from the stated agency with their client’s consent to contact ACROSS. If the agency does not have client consent, legal justification will be required.
  2. Establish the identity of the person requesting the information. See the Release of Information Request Form for details.
  3. If the person requesting the information is over 16 years of age and the request relates to their information, they will need to fill out the attached request form.
  4. If the request is for a person under 16 years old by a parent or legal guardian, the birth certificate or court order is required to establish their authority/relationship to the child. Once the relationship is confirmed, the form can be filled out and appropriate identification sighted (please see form). The under 16 years old’s consent may also be required.
  5. Advise the client or parent/guardian that any statements regarding a third party will be redacted in accordance with the Privacy Act.
  6. Advise client or parent/guardian they will be notified in writing within 5 working days if the request is accepted or rejected. If rejected, a reason will be provided. The client has the right to make a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner in respect of the refusal.
  7. Advise client or parent/guardian once the request is accepted, the information will normally be provided in 20 working days. The information may be couriered out to the requester or it may be uplifted from the office by them. If we are unable to provide the information within the stated time frame, the client will be notified of the request for an extension.
  8. Inform the client or parent/guardian that an ACROSS practitioner is available to go through the file with them to help them interpret the documentation and discuss any issues which may arise.

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